What doesn’t kill you leaves a demon fighting by your side

I always hated demons with a passion.

Now I just might have to save a fucker’s life.

The world’s gone to shit, unstable magic and supernatural forces humans are powerless against a constant pain in my ass. It’s a fucking infestation. And, believe it or not, it gets even better.

A bunch of powered up assholes are bent on controlling the ley lines and wrecking havoc upon my town. My. Godsdamned. Town.

I can’t let them get away with that.

But teaming up with a lying piece of shit demon to get rid of the pests?

Shit, maybe I could have stomached that on its own. But it looks like the price of our alliance is way higher than just keeping the guy alive.

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Gaja J. Kos

Gaja J. Kos is a USA Today bestselling author with a mission to breathe fragments of Slavic lore onto many, many pages of fiction.

Aside from devouring all kinds of books and dreaming of once seeing her name printed on the spines, she grew up watching Xena, Charmed, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. No one is really too surprised about the direction her adult life ended up taking.

She enjoys steamy books and steamier music, has an endless love for starry nights, and is a shameless summer babe with a soul-deep palm obsession.

Gaja currently resides in Celje, Slovenia, with her husband, two Chinese Crested dogs, and a whole lot of crystals and plants.